An open letter to lazy motherf%*&ers voting for Trump (because they think it’s a joke)

An open letter to lazy motherf%*&ers voting for Trump (because they think it’s a joke)

It’s all there, black and white, clear as crystal. In a campaign season that’s been marked by questions of transparency, this candidate may tell you nothing. But he is showing you everything. Critics of the Democrat candidate for President like to say “it’s one scandal after another”, but in fact it’s been one long witch hunt beating dead horses in a fruitless search for major improprieties. The recent Clinton Foundation “Pay to Play” story is a perfect example: the A-rated charity recognized empirically for its good works is in the sites of critics claiming donors paid for access to the Secretary of State. There’s no evidence anyone got anywhere, and the Foundation is planning the necessary changes should Hillary Clinton become President. Yet the operative note is that any speculation of wrongdoing is merely speculation (a forced, desperate witch hunt, to be blunt). The Republican candidate, however, is the epitome of impropriety, and his own Foundation is just the tip of the crooked iceberg.

Impropriety abounds, it envelopes him, it seeps from his pores. A new issue erupts each day. It is evident and inescapable. In the face of this, Donald Trump merely projects the same crimes upon his opponents or critics, describing them as he himself is being described. But the naked eye doesn’t lie, and therein rests the definition of a con artist: he shows you his cards, because you see what you want to see. You give him your money, and he takes it.

You – the non-deplorable voters to whom I address this article – are out there in the void, the stories and sound bytes floating past you. Somehow, they don’t phase you. You are entertained by Trump (understandable, to a point). Or you hold your nose while hoping to preserve the GOP. Or you’re simply hoping for something different, a shakeup that may blow up politics and clear the decks. Of course, a Trump presidency won’t shake up politics at all; it will just transform the US from a stable, reliable world power into a wildly volatile, chaotic and disorganized entity on the brink of world war, climate disaster and, if it lasts beyond a few months, recession. The backup for all of this exists, and does the backup for the stories I’m about to share. My objective here isn’t to feed you information – people have been trying to feed you information for a year and you’ve been too busy or too entertained to receive it.

I’m just focusing on THIS WEEK, sharing the stories that have come to light in the PAST FEW DAYS, so you can get a snapshot of what the next little while will be like if you don’t take your share of responsibility for your future. But I’m not spoon-feeding you. You’re gonna have to care enough to Google this shit for yourself.

For your consideration, in no particular order, are ten new concerns to address alongside the previous disqualifying issues, and those to come:

  1. Newsweek reported on Trump’s conflicts of interest with foreign countries, detailing a staggering number of dealings, many of them shady, with foreign entities whose interests are at odds with the interests of the US. This is the first-ever scenario like this in the history of our country. Given Trump’s 70 years of self-interest and no service to his country on any level, there’s no reason to think he’d put anything ahead of his own financial interests. In fact, it’s more likely he hopes to use the office of the Presidency to resolve some of these debts and issues for his company. Certainly, he’s getting help from Russia for a reason, and that’s certainly not in OUR interest.
  2. On the subject of childcare, both Trump and his daughter Ivanka lied outright, claiming that Hillary Clinton doesn’t have a policy on childcare – “and never will.” In fact, she’s had a policy – one more detailed and forthright than his – since before the election. Attacking the Secretary on the issue that has been the cornerstone of her entire career as a public servant only helped illuminate the stark contrast between someone committed to something and The Trump Family, whose only interest is, you guessed it, THE TRUMP FAMILY (Trump’s “plan” benefits rich moms like Ivanka through deductions, not “credits” as Trump misleadingly called them in his speech).
  3. Abandoning all reason, Trump stated that “gestures” toward US destroyers, on the part of tiny Iranian boats, will result in those boats being “shot out of the water” – clearly, starting WWIII is justified by someone shooting the bird.
  4. Resident Unhinged Trump Surrogate Rudy Giuliani stated that “everything is okay in war” until it’s over, declaring war crimes legal and abandoning the Geneva Convention in its entirety.


  5. The NY Attorney General opened an inquiry into the Trump Foundation (which gives away other people’s money, making Trump look good though he hasn’t given to it himself in years). At the center of this is Trump’s likely bribe of Florida’s Attorney General in exchange for her dropping the case against Trump U (it worked).
  6. Trump’s campaign manager outraged at a CNN reporter who asked if Trump will at least produce the letter from the IRS saying that he’s being audited (he probably isn’t, nor would he be precluded from sharing returns). “Are you calling him a liar?” she asked, noting that no letter would be forthcoming and we should take the candidate at his word. Re: #1 above, all the more reason we should see his tax returns, since he’s running purely on a “businessman” platform.
  7. At a press op in Flint, MI, Trump railed on his opponent, blaming her for the water contamination (?), and had to be rebuked by the pastor who’d invited him. She had to remind him that he’d been invited to thank attendees for their service, not to give “a political speech”. He offered the usual “Trump Plan” (along the lines of, “If you elect me, I’m gonna fix it, and quickly”) later blamed the Pastor, calling her “a nervous mess”. In contrast, Clinton went to Flint early on and people feel she has their back.
  8. While President Obama (58% approval rating, and like the other living past Presidents, not a Trump supporter) pointed out that this is real life, not a reality show, Donald Trump was taping an episode of “Dr. Oz” – a reality show with a con man host (Google his congressional hearing in 2014 for shilling weight loss drugs) – where he ceremoniously unveiled a one sheet from his loony doctor indicating his weight. The next day, lab results were revealed, but we have no third-party verification that the results are real. Moreover, while being alive is the only qualification Trump has to be President, we need a valid mental health exam first, and any objective observer can see it is badly needed.
  9. Given a chance to renounce his birtherism, Trump again refused to admit that President Barack Obama was born in the United States. This, after his campaign manager and surrogates assured us that they believe in the legitimacy of the first African-American President, and that their candidate does, too. Again, Trump is teasing his answer reality-tv-style, and, frankly, an admission or a “conclusion” to his “investigation” only underscores the ridiculousness and offensiveness of his years-long endeavor — and further establishes the “deplorable” reputation of those who support him. If his “admission” comes in line with the statement from his campaign, Trump will try to turn years of birtherism into a successful quest to prove the legitimacy of the President, adding insult to insult.
  10. Trump went on Russian state TV to disrespect America’s military, again… wait – that was LAST week.

There’s no doubt been more since this morning – and that’s the trick: Trump wears you down by making the investigation as difficult as possible, the infractions and offenses too numerous to even chronicle, until you give up. That’s generally served him well in the private sector. He runs the business into the ground until it goes bankrupt – mostly, he’s merely licensed his name, so who cares if the business fails? But on the world stage, the “business” is the United States of America, and this isn’t only about money (his pockets, our loss), it’s about the future of this country, and your family. Two things that Donald Trump has never, ever cared about. And he ain’t gonna start now.