“Hersh is the rarest of rare thinkers. He combines the ‘yin’ of creativity with the ‘yang’ of true branding.
Grasping the DNA of a brand and being able to crack open the energy in a way that is fresh
and connects to the audience is something of incredible value.
Few are able to not only connect the dots,
but to do it in a way that is unique and in the ‘voice of’ the brand –
this is what Hersh brings to any assignment.”
–David Kahan, CEO Birkenstock Americas

Plateau Fever and How to Break It

Owning and operating a successful business relies heavily on the relationship you cultivate with your customer. Being stuck in the quicksand of “sameness” is frustrating, and clever copywriting alone won’t set you free.

1. Before you brand yourself, find yourself.

2. Establish clear communication across all channels, internal and external.

3. Get MESSAGE Therapy as needed.

On our free 30-minute Discovery Call, we will:


  1. Assess your most immediate needs, however broad or narrow.
  2. Discuss your brand ethos, pain points, and revenue objectives.
  3. Determine how best to bridge the gap between you and your audience.

From there, I will deliver a written capture of the conversation, along with recommended next steps.

More Testimonials

YES, BRAND - Services 2023

“Hershify this for me!” – my clients 

The days of overthinking are behind me. Simply put, my writing is distinctive, my point of view unique. If the notes I provide after our first call or meeting aren’t more engaging, entertaining, and on-brand than whatever you’re currently using, I will give you your money back.

Hershify My Website – This package makes your website “customer-ready,” it arms you with a Full Set of written assets, crafted in a “brand voice” developed with Hersh and optimized for SEO. This is Step 1 for any E-commerce business, and yet so many people struggle with “sameness” or assume the product speaks for itself, and “mystery is the best policy.” It isn’t. 
Included in this package: 

  • MESSAGE Therapy (# hours TBD) (written capture provided)
  • Original Web Copy
    • Home (Core Message/Offer)
    • About (Brand Story & Mission Statement)
    • Leadership Team Bios 
  • Social Media Profiles (all relevant platforms)
  • 500-word Magazine-style Article (i.e., interview with CEO or star client)

Refreshify My Hershification – Recommended quarterly:

  • Updated Home/About Copy
  • Updated to existing bios
  • New team Bios, if needed (2)
  • Refresh of Social Media Profiles
  • New 500-word Magazine-style Article

Hersh’s Carousel of Packages 


Consulting on your Brand Voice & Messaging.

  • Brand Awareness
  • Product-Focused Messaging
  • Fever Breakers – Campaign Ideation &  Development (concepts, platforms, key language)
  • Taglines
  • Integrated Messaging – Align company communications, internally and externally, from Comms to Ads &  Social

Session package includes two hours of consultation, followed by a written capture of brand strategy & creative, along with recommended next steps.

Monthly or Quarterly retainers are available upon request.


Image Roadmap

We probably shouldn’t cut and style our own hair. We simply don’t have perspective. So, let’s take a look at where you are as a brand, and plan out the evolution of your image.

12-month Roadmap includes the: 

  • Gauge current awareness & perception
  • Locate the current audience and prospective audience
  • Establish a POV as a personal brand, apart from the product (ie, streetwear, beverage, SaaS, arts & entertainment)
  • Suss out potential ROI on events, earned and bought media, etc. 

Integrated Messaging

Find your brand voice, create new language around your message, and align company communications, internally and externally.

  • Just the 2 of Us: 1-1 Message Therapy sessions with the Founder or C-Level Exec to find the brand voice, create new language around the brand message, and put a plan in place to translate the message across all levels of the company’s communications, internal and external. 
  • That’s C-Suite of You: Hersh works 1-1 with each C-Level exec to coordinate the above among all departments. 
  • Family Gathering: For larger businesses, Hersh addresses the company in a group session, with follow-up. 

Project Oversight

You may have a marketing budget already in place, or this may be dependent on the ideas we come up with in Therapy. Every step of the way, we will explore the cost of execution together, whether the project calls only for my contributions or requires the outsourcing of Art Directors, Graphic Designers, SEO Specialists, Media Buyers, Production/Post-Production Teams, or Event Specialists. 

Once we know the scope of the project at hand, we can set a fee for oversight that will cover the assembly of the team and management/supervision of their deliverables. 

New Podcast!

Comedy is a great ice-breaker. But how do you win the trust of the consumer? How do you break “Plateau Fever” and get your brand to the next level? Hersh Rephun’s unique background as a standup comedian and brand storyteller is a recipe for laughter and learning, as he helps business owners and brand CEOs design breakthrough messaging & build trust with their audiences.

Consultation, Creative, Content, Press Writing & More


“A great experience working with Hersh! He gets up to speed quickly, responses are timely, and his ideas and copy are spot-on.

Oh, and yes, Hersh is a really good comedy writer!”

Michael Larson

Founder/Chief Creative Officer, One Eighteen Advertising

The big surprise was to see this dude capture an insight and expand on it. I’m a writer too, but it’s a treat having someone who can look at my story and make it juicier without resorting to lies.

Warren Lam

ECD, Creative Fugitives

Thank you so much Hersh!

It’s already a total success because of your amazing press release. Seriously, the theater could burn down or the screening not happen and we still walk away as winners because of you. Gratitude from
the bottom of my shriveled blackened heart!

Beth Dewey

Writer/Director, ‘Erasing Eden’

One of the things we enjoy most about any project are the exceptional collaborators we get to work with to deliver results. Hersh Rephun is one of those people who not only brought an unbelievable amount of experience and creativity to our work, but a personality that made it fun. He is one of the best!
Eric Eicher

Co-Owner, We Are RightHand Advertising

Far better than pushing information, Hersh tells our story.

He magically captures the essence of whatever we’re publicizing, and taps into our voice.

Jordan Brady

Filmmaker/Futurist, Commercial Directing Film School

I’ve worked with Hersh for many years. And so have his clients.

That can’t be said very often in the challenging business of creative marketing where rampant client churn is the norm.

Gerald J. Giannone

Managing Editor, Founder, SHOOT Publicity Wire
Co-Owner, SHOOT & SHOOTonline.com

Jesus, Hersh!

You are really good with words!

Natalie Sakai

Founder/Executive Producer, Contagious


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Niche Market Expertise:

  • Filmmaking/Commercial Directing
  • Production/Post/Editorial
  • Music Production
  • Fashion/Footwear
  • Entertainment Industry
From Business Leaders to Oscar Winners, Hersh specializes in one-of-a-kind bios that capture your personality and accomplishments like no one else can. As his for-fun column, “Legit Bios for Fake People” demonstrates, it’s all about perspective.
Press Releases
The 5 W’s are a great start, but the real W is “Who gives a shit?” Let’s talk about why you care, and we’ll draw them into your story.
In Hersh’s case, it should probably be called Originalwriting. But as an experienced wordsmith, Hersh knows there are some things the client simply will not change.
If we’ve gone to the trouble of coming up with a word for it, it must be important. Ask Hersh for help!


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