with Hersh & Nancy

How do you become so busy you’re turning down work?

We are the MESSAGE Therapist & the Sales Whisperer, and yep, that’s our agreement with you. Plain and simple. Our 1-1 coaching process has three benchmarks for success. You will be in a position to:

Become So Busy You Turn Down Clients

Close 50% of Your Sales Calls

Pick and Choose Who You Work With

We begin this collaboration the day you retain us for a FLAT FEE, and we continue to support you until all three results have been achieved.

Be prepared for a deep dive into your business, so you can:

  • KNOW your Brand Voice to rise above the “sea of sameness”

  • KNOW your ideal client profile

  • KNOW your personality style as Buyer and Seller

  • KNOW how to build rapport quickly and authentically

  • KNOW-Like-Trust - establish it with your audience

  • SELL the Truth with humor and humanity

  • SELL to prospects and turn them into clients

  • SELL based on your prospects’ personality styles

  • SELL using their buying language

  • SELL your offer 50% of the time


  • Build a Brand Voice Guide – a love language unique to your business, with GUIDELINES for your brand communications
  • Book more meetings from your email list
  • Train your team to be an extension of your brand
  • Put your Thought Leadership into words that entertain, energize, & activate.
  • Video about your dominant style - covers values & characteristics, including insights into how you and others like you dress, talk, and behave, to help you land more of the right clients.

  • Networking Introduction for online and in-person networking events – plus discuss the best places to find your ideal prospects.

  • “Book A Meeting” Campaign Templates: this 12-email sequence is unlike any templates you’ve ever seen! It is creative, effective, and in your brand voice!.

Imagine your business and personal life when you’re at liberty to hand-select the best prospects with whom to share your gifts. Not only will you savor financial stability, but you’ll also enjoy a deep sense of fulfillment as you relish their success.

Our services are woven into a sales and messaging solution tailored to your business, from establishing clarity around your avatar and shaping your communications, to identifying personality types, preparing for sales calls, and perfecting the process.

  • We’ll move at your pace and be available at each step.
  • All individual sessions will be recorded for reference by you and your team. 
  • We are accepting applications for a limited time. It is by capping our client roster that we are able to fulfill this HUGE promise. 
  • If you are engaged in a business partnership, we will coach both partners at no additional cost.

Nancy is genuinely brilliant when it comes to helping people understand their leads. Last week she was able to help me understand a prospect I had just met with, gave me actionable steps, and today I closed the deal.” 

Thom VanDyke

“Hersh is the rarest of rare thinkers. He combines the ‘yin’ of creativity with the ‘yang’ of true branding. Few are able to not only connect the dots, but to do it in a way that is unique and in the ‘voice of’ the brand – this is what Hersh brings to any assignment.” 

David Kahan CEO Birkenstock Americas
Nancy Zare, Ph.D.

The Sales Whisperer - Certified sales trainer and author

Working with Nancy, you’ll gain confidence and clarity. You’ll clinch your buyer persona by identifying the exact words and phrases that attract them to you. Plus, before meeting with prospects, you will determine what to say and do to easily build the relationships and turn prospects into clients.

Using her knowledge of psychology, Nancy Zare, Ph.D. shows caring professionals including coaches, consultants, attorneys, and financial advisors how to get clients without being pushy, aggressive, or salesy. Nancy graduated magna cum laude in psychology from Boston University and later earned a master's degree and Ph.D. from Boston College. She is the author of 6 books including an international best-seller, Compelling Selling.

Hersh Rephun

The MESSAGE Therapist - Brand Voice Expert

You don’t need a rebrand, you just need some MESSAGE Therapy™. Hersh will arm you and your team with the STORY, VOCABULARY, DEPTH, and INTENT to build trust with your audience.

Known as The MESSAGE Therapist™, Hersh Rephun is a veteran Copywriter & Brand Voice Expert who helps Founders, Coaches, and Consultants establish trust with their audience. His people are the soulful movers for whom the next-figure may be in revenue or impact. Hersh hosts multiple interview shows ranked in the Top 2% of Apple Podcasts globally, and having played standup gigs across the country (Comedy Store, Comic Strip…), he brings his stage presence to keynote talks the world over. Hersh’s mantra is, “Sell the Truth with Humor and Humanity”; this ethos runs through his talks, workshops, and intensives. Hersh is the author of SELLING THE TRUTH: We’re All Full of It, coming in early 2024 from Leadership Books.

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