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Known as “The MESSAGE Therapist™,” Hersh Rephun is a veteran advertising creative and publicist who crafts breakthrough communications around Personal Brands.

His people are the soulful movers for whom the next-figure may be in revenue or impact. 

Hersh’s mantra is, “Sell the Truth with Humor and Humanity”; this ethos runs through his talks, workshops, and intensives. Hersh is the author of SELLING THE TRUTH: We’re All Full of It, coming in early 2024.

Having played standup gigs across the country (Comedy Store, Comic Strip, Funny Bone, The Ice House…), he brings his stage presence to keynote talks and to the YES, BRAND podcast, ranked in the Top 1% of Apple Podcasts globally.

People I like and admire. I’ve worked with changemakers (Supreme Robot), market leaders (Nike), agencies/production companies (OneEighteen, Anonymous Content), and even Oscar-nominated filmmakers (Jason Reitman, Theodore Melfi). My longest-standing client is Michael Raimondi, Partner/Managing Director of Union Editorial, going on 25 years now. And I love working with Jordan Brady of True Gentleman Industries; he’s, well, a true gent.

YES! My forthcoming book, Selling the Truth: We’re All Full Of It is a semoir (semi memoir) drawing on my adventures in marketing and standup comedy. It is part business book, part happiness formula for life, and an amuseful read, whether you’re building a brand, or burnishing your self-image.

You can kickstart your messaging evolution with a Strategy Session.

Well, I put more stock in what these people say about me than what I say about me.

No. The scope of my work is dictated by your needs, and we determine that together on a 45 min Exploración via Teleconference

I’m a big fan of individuality. Inside of you is someone unlike any other human being on the planet. As such, your message should be INCOMPARABLE. Rather than push your image out through advertising or traditional public relations, MESSAGE Therapy™ is a way to build your personal brand from the inside out. It’s not about who you say you are; it’s about who you are and how you say it. It can take years to figure out our personal brand. It’s something I went through that took way more time than it needed to, and I want my clients to get there a lot sooner than I did! I will arm you with the STORY, VOCABULARY, STRATEGY, and INTENT to break through to your audience. Then, our Implementation Phase puts the plan into action.

Wanna get what you want, faster, using fewer words?

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Probably. Remember, I’m a comedian so if your guests laugh at me, that’s a good thing. Inquire Within

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Part copywriter, part editor, a HumanEyeser is my term for someone who elevates Ai-generated output with a personal touch. This is an organic part of the process when creating content that is compelling, entertaining, and engaging. Find out more at http://HumanEyes.LIVE once our click funnel is live

Get what you want, faster, using fewer words



Create a Messaging Strategy & Vocabulary for your business

(consultation & creation of your complete Brand Voice Guide)


Implement Strategy across all platforms and communications

(new copy, campaign, and new business)


Hear from trusted clients


Hersh is the rarest of rare thinkers. He combines the ‘yin’ of creativity with the ‘yang’ of true branding. Grasping the DNA of a brand and being able to crack open the energy in a way that is fresh and connects to the audience is something of incredible value. Few are able to not only connect the dots, but to do it in a way that is unique and in the ‘voice of’ the brand – this is what Hersh brings to any assignment.

David Kahan CEO Birkenstock Americas

Thank you so much Hersh!

It’s already a total success because of your amazing press release. Seriously, the theater could burn down or the screening not happen and we still walk away as winners because of you. Gratitude from the bottom of my shriveled blackened heart!

Beth Dewey Writer/Director, ‘Erasing Eden’

A great experience working with Hersh! He gets up to speed quickly, responses are timely, and his ideas and copy are spot-on. Oh, and yes, Hersh is a really good comedy writer!

Michael Larson Founder/Chief Creative Officer, One Eighteen Advertising

One of the things we enjoy most about any project are the exceptional collaborators we get to work with to deliver results. Hersh Rephun is one of those people who not only brought an unbelievable amount of experience and creativity to our work, but a personality that made it fun. He is one of the best!

Eric Eicher Co-Owner, We Are RightHand Advertising

The big surprise was to see this dude capture an insight and expand on it. I’m a writer too, but it’s a treat having someone who can look at my story and make it juicier without resorting to lies.

Warren Lam ECD, Creative Fugitives

Far better than pushing information, Hersh tells our story.

He magically captures the essence of whatever we’re publicizing, and taps into our voice.

Jordan Brady Filmmaker/Futurist, Commercial Directing Film School

I’ve worked with Hersh for many years. And so have his clients.

That can’t be said very often in the challenging business of creative marketing where rampant client churn is the norm.

Gerald J. Giannone Managing Editor, Founder, SHOOT Publicity Wire
Co-Owner, SHOOT &

Working with Hersh has been a pleasure and a profit. He helped us develop a campaign to launch our new product, HITMAKER. From the first few meetings it became evident that his program produced leads that were ready and willing to truly consider our services and prepared to purchase our products. Put bluntly, we started working with Hersh and within a week of activation we had our first sales.

Victor Varnado Supreme Robot Pictures
Jordan Brady
Commercial Directing Film School True Gentlemen Industries
Roger Roth
Creator Advocate Founder, IMBOXO

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