You don’t need a rebrand.
You just need some MESSAGE Therapy.™

My programs will help you get what you want, faster, using fewer words:


Part 1: Create a Messaging Strategy & Vocabulary for your business

(consultation & creation of a complete Brand Voice Guide)

Let’s address:

Message & Image

Audience & Offer

Any other messaging challenges you may be facing



Brand Voice Guide that supports and informs your messaging

Messaging Strategy for implementation across all communication channels



Upon delivery of your Brand Voice Guide, I will hook you up with 3 appropriate Top 1% podcasts, so you can apply your new message and voice as a guest.


Part 2: Implement Strategy

(across all platforms and communications channels)

Once we have your Voice and Strategy ready, 

we can create a custom implementation plan.



Update social media profiles, update web content, and craft an article or press release around your message and strategy.

If we have built an email, push, or text campaign into the strategy, it will be budgeted separately from this program.


FREE Coaching Session (45 min) - Use Humor & Humanity to Sell the Truth in your voice.

Case Studies

Magic Bookifier: Hit Maker is an instant hit with hot, warm & cold targets alike!


Client: Supreme Robot Ascension Campaign from a low-ticket offer ($29-$87 purchase + tokens. DIY) to high ticket ($10K program DWY)


Generative AI large language models (LLMs)

...are an amazing innovation. They can respond to a prompt with well-crafted written content in a matter of seconds. On the other end of the “conversation,” however, the reader must be engaged and activated by the writing. Ensuring that is a process I call HUMANEYESing.