You don’t need a rebrand.
You just need some MESSAGE Therapy.™

My programs will help you get what you want, faster, using fewer words:


Your Legacy is Not a Luxury.

How you’re seen begins with how you see yourself.

  • Distinguish your personal brand from the company brand.
  • Position yourself for the next endeavor.
  • Expand current opportunities or crack the next level of business
  • Perhaps you’ve just sold your startup and want to focus on purpose-driven pursuits.
  • Could be you’ve spent years at a brand, and now you are launching your own.

Consider MESSAGE Therapy™

Case Studies

Magic Bookifier: Hit Maker is an instant hit with hot, warm & cold targets alike!


Client: Supreme Robot Ascension Campaign from a low-ticket offer ($29-$87 purchase + tokens. DIY) to high ticket ($10K program DWY)


Generative AI large language models (LLMs)

...are an amazing innovation. They can respond to a prompt with well-crafted written content in a matter of seconds. On the other end of the “conversation,” however, the reader must be engaged and activated by the writing. Ensuring that is a process I call HUMANEYESing.