Say chee-loo!”

The first weekend of Coachella 2018 will no doubt be remembered for Beyonce’s historic headline performance. And yet, in one corner of the fest, the show lasted not two hours, but three days. And while Ccilu’s activation at the Saguaro Palm Springs did not boast Bey, influencers micro and macro had a chance to engage with an award-winning shoe brand that definitely lightened and brightened their day!

Ccilu – which is sold in 60 countries, with 40 concept stores across Asia – turned to Propeller 5 to introduce its products to US consumers. “Ccilu” means “liberate” in Japanese, and one of the main challenges is teaching Americans how to pronounce the brand name (CHEE-loo). So, job #1 this weekend was to overcome this hurdle, and encourage people to “Say chee-loo!”

From a branded selfie stand, to t-shirts, cups and beach balls, guest were introduced to a specially designed chee-loo logo that got the message across. P5’s team members raffled off a pair of Ccilu Horizon Check Sandals every hour, and by day two word was getting around. Signups increased, and the checker-soled, lighter-than-air & super-comfortable Ccilu’s began attracting attention not only at the Saguaro, but at other parties and shows.

Underscoring the message was our banner, mimicking the image currently occupying a Ccilu billboard across from LA’s Beverly Center… ensuring that the exposure would not only be at Coachella, but also in LA.

And with P5’s #CciluLivesHere campaign well underway, consumers in Miami, New Orleans, San Francisco and more are learning to “Say chee-loo!”