Okay so Kim Jong Un succeeded in scaring film executives. Wow. I scare film execs every time I pitch a project I want to star in! I guess once you scare their lawyers, though, you’ve really accomplished something. Maybe.

For my part, I’m sharing the only video I’ve made that takes a swipe and the supreme holy terror himself (see below)…he’s not really on the top of my list but he’s in here. I wrote/recorded this in the name of marriage equality and the hope that love will conquer all.

Kim Jong Un’s lawyers don’t get rattled by legal motions or the F.B.I. They’re not even scared of Sean Penn. Kim’s lawyers are only afraid of one thing: Kim. Whatever he says, goes. He’s always right. He’s the boss and dissenters will not be tolerated. He’s like…he’s like…well, I guess he’s like a movie star. Which is ironic, because in “The Interview,” he is played by another actor. What if Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg had offered him the role? What if they’d sent Dennis Rodman over with some bonbons? What if they’d given him some LUV-Un? Well never know. And while I’m a Seth Rogen fan, he has to own up to a little diva behavior himself. This was his call. We all know when we saw the trailer, we were thinking, “What are they thinking?”, meaning what was Seth thinking, and the studio was afraid to tell Seth what they were thinking, so to that extent Kim and Seth were thinking the same thing: “I’m gonna do what I want, no matter what any reasonable person thinks”.

There’s not much to say in the aftermath of this whole debacle other than that as Americans, as SANE people (comparatively), we need to shout louder than before. We need to exercise free speech and especially satire til Jong grows a sense of humor (and maybe, eventually, humanity).