PantsLightLaughCROP Sonny Swing is a one-of-a-kind showman, a tuxedo-ed crooner never at a loss for stories about his famous “friends”. Does he really know these people? Or is it a case of happy delusion? Either way, it makes for a wildly entertaining show.

Like the man himself, Sonny’s songs are ageless: in his hands, a hit from today becomes classic, and an oldie is new again. Some are parodies, while others amuse merely because Sonny rarely gets through a song without interrupting himself to tell another story. Whether it’s a show tune or a Top 40 hit, the musical numbers are the rich filling in a cake layered with moist and creamy social satire, each song connecting the dots from one celeb story to another, until we are no longer sure what’s real and what isn’t.

Sonny makes everyone in the audience feel special, and his off-the-cuff banter makes each show unique. When all is said and sung, all we know for sure is that – real or imagined – Sonny’s world is a helluva place to be.

Inquire Within