Here’s the trailer for the new show I co-created with director/producer Stuart Wilson. We wrote the pilot, in which I appear opposite a hugely talented cast of fellow standups.

Part sitcom, part talk show, “The Tiny Sirko Show” could be described as a testament to self-expression through psychosis. Everyone is nuts. It’s the mad leading the insane.

In “The Tiny Sirko Show,” frustrated entrepreneur Titus Stanalonis reinvents himself as Tiny Sirko, a Ukrainian little person and poet fighting for creative and personal freedom. While this new persona further complicates Titus’s already-dysfunctional relationships, “Tiny” engages with the world in a way his creator never had. Recalling “The Larry Sanders Show,” each sitcom episode includes a talk show segment in which Tiny interviews real life artists, influencers and politicos.

We’ve also created a stage show blending poetry, observation, anecdotes and song. Featured in the show are ten original musical pieces created by Stu and I in collaboration with composers Mel Elias and Wagner Fulco of Wava Studios.

The album, “Tiny’s First Steps”, is available on CDbaby.

And this is Tiny Sirko’s personal blog. So much fun creating all this content.

Psyched about this project. Stay tuned!!

Stu and Hersh at the LA Comedy Fest
Stu and Best Screenplay Nominee Hersh at the LA Comedy Fest


Kevin and Hersh on set
Kevin Yee (Kale) and Hersh on set



Tiffany King (Kyeleigh) and Baby Rue on set
Tiffany King (Kyeleigh) and Baby Rue on set


Zara Mizrahi (Serena) doing her thang
Zara Mizrahi (Serena) doing her thang