How to make money in 10 easy payments!

I’ll give you my ecommerce secret in a moment, but first, speaking of need, how much money do you actually need? Before you answer, take out a pen and paper. Or better yet, a pencil, because I can already tell you that your answer will change when you hear my amazing secret.

Branded Standup Tours: Road dog eats the fame bug

Mr. Challenger Brand explains his idea: a consortium of complementary brands sponsoring a ten-city tour that includes a running web series chronicling the comedians’ adventures on the road as they travel from town to town. “Cross-promotion,” he calls it. “Splitting-the-cost-promotion,” I quip, being cute. “It’s a great idea,” I offer, after the silence.

“The Tiny Sirko Show”

Part sitcom, part talk show, “The Tiny Sirko Show” could be described as a testament to self-expression through psychosis. Everyone is nuts. It’s the mad leading the insane.

A Funny Short Film for Father’s Day

Part of me wishes I could say this film sprung from my twisted mind. The other part is relieved it did not. My twisted buddy Andrew Laurich directed this film, from a script he co-wrote with the twisted Gabriel Miller.

SFW: You don’t have to worry about me

I’m not one to rock the boat. It’s been months, and I’ve never even done a Cosby joke. Any comedian can do five minutes on Cosby (and, apparently, Bill Cosby thinks he can do five minutes on just about anybody).

20 Years to Kill

Sometimes, a bit pops into your head so you do it once, and while it kills, that’s as good as it’s ever gonna get. Here’s a minidoc, Chris Walken buying cheese in bulk, and more…

I Gigged in Jamaica?

At a birthday party, my friend Shlomy takes me aside and in his hushed, selfless, sweetly conspiratorial manner barely says, “I know how busy you are but Jamaica next monf, brother?” These days, I can’t go anywhere unless it’s a gig. The amazing thing about Jamaica is there’s no Laugh Factory or Improv in sight, which is also the bad news, I tell Shlomz. He’s too kind to point out that I’m not booked ANYWHERE the week he’s talking about. But fuck him, that’s beside the point. “We’ll find a show,” says Isack, the chief negotiator for our crew. Isack is an attorney but like Tom Hagen in The Godfather he only represents one client – us. So his word is good enough for me. The toughest part of being a road comic – well, okay, ONE of the toughest things – is finding comfortable lodging. So when we walked into Travellers in Negril, more than half the battle was already won. I mean, look at the lobby and check out the grand piano (site of my unofficial third gig)! Not a pricey place, by any means, and family-owned (shout out to Winthrope and the Wellington family, mon!), but SO awesome… We went directly to the swim-up bar and frankly from there it would have been easy to forget I was a comic (especially a road comic who NEEDS gigs). But my crew did NOT forget. Now, we arrived on a Sunday and had a line on a few venues up the glorious 7-mile beach (if this sounds like a travel review, great – hire me to write travel reviews). The...