Better Call Hersh

It is a common sentiment among brands and business owners familiar with the power of original copy: Hersh really is the person to call.

Hashtag TimeForANewPost.

Having been heavily engaged in social media these past few months – more so on my clients’ behalf than for myself – I need a break from hash-tagging, tagging, and the game of tag in general.

How to make money in 10 easy payments!

I’ll give you my ecommerce secret in a moment, but first, speaking of need, how much money do you actually need? Before you answer, take out a pen and paper. Or better yet, a pencil, because I can already tell you that your answer will change when you hear my amazing secret.

Branded Standup Tours: Road dog eats the fame bug

Mr. Challenger Brand explains his idea: a consortium of complementary brands sponsoring a ten-city tour that includes a running web series chronicling the comedians’ adventures on the road as they travel from town to town. “Cross-promotion,” he calls it. “Splitting-the-cost-promotion,” I quip, being cute. “It’s a great idea,” I offer, after the silence.

“The Tiny Sirko Show”

Part sitcom, part talk show, “The Tiny Sirko Show” could be described as a testament to self-expression through psychosis. Everyone is nuts. It’s the mad leading the insane.

A Funny Short Film for Father’s Day

Part of me wishes I could say this film sprung from my twisted mind. The other part is relieved it did not. My twisted buddy Andrew Laurich directed this film, from a script he co-wrote with the twisted Gabriel Miller.

SFW: You don’t have to worry about me

I’m not one to rock the boat. It’s been months, and I’ve never even done a Cosby joke. Any comedian can do five minutes on Cosby (and, apparently, Bill Cosby thinks he can do five minutes on just about anybody).