Case Study
Magic Bookifier: Hit Maker
Working with Hersh has been a pleasure and a profit. He helped us develop a campaign to launch our new product, HITMAKER.

From the first few meetings it became evident that his program produced leads that were ready and willing to truly consider our services and prepared to purchase our products.

Put bluntly, we started working with Hersh and within a week of activation we had our first sales.

Victor Varnado, Founder/CEO
Supreme Robot Pictures

Case Study


Magic Bookifier: Hit Maker, a unique AI-assisted ghostwriting and professional editing service designed to transform existing content into captivating books.

The Client Had:

  • Successful Low Ticket Offer
  • Untested High Ticket Offer
  • Opt-In Email List with Hot & Warm Audiences
  • Well-researched COLD List
  • Sense of Humor and Humanity
  1. Engagement – Got the attention of Hot, Warm, and Cold lists, introducing them to the client’s new high ticket offer. Open rates consistently impressive across all lists, and as high as 72%. CTO rates all above-average, from 7%-21% (see screenshots below)
  2. Entertainment – We delivered a sequence of emails that:

    • Captured the voice of the Supreme Robot brand;

    • Kept the audience’s attention with creative, stand-alone emails;

    • Provided useful information with each new send.

  3. Activation – In this case, the CTA was a meeting with the product’s creator to discuss the high ticket offer, and the ROI includes:
    • 18 Meetings scheduled during the 3-week project window.
    • 4 Sales Closed with Funds Collected (2 other closes completed, with several negotiations are in progress with more meetings still upcoming). This represents $40K in closed sales on an initial $15K campaign program.
Case Study

We drew on positive reviews of the low ticket product, especially those asking for further developments and products.

Case Study

We also built on the loose, quirky style with which Victor had imbued Magic Bookifier, setting up the expectation of playful engagement with the audience. This also hinted at the originality with which Victor and his team have approached the development of Magic Bookifier: Hit Maker.

Case Study

Campaign Execution. 7-day Teaser Phase, followed by 3-4 days Post-Launch Phase, and 1-day Post-Close Offer. Based on initial success, we repeated the Sequence, with minor updates to the copy, for new audiences.

Initial Campaign Timeline:
3 Weeks
(client has approved an ongoing effort as its list grows due to increased website traffic)

Screen Shots:
Our typical open rate for a warm list is 30%, with an average click-to-open rate of 6%.

Our most recent campaign averaged 36% OR / 21% CTO.

Below, you’ll see a recent snapshot of the Magic Bookifier: Hit Maker campaign, reflecting a 72% overall Open Rate for Tier 4 (our “Hot List” members who had purchased the low ticket products and expressed interest in new products).

Tier 3 (“Warm” list) had a similarly impressive 68% Open Rate.

Our “Cold” campaign from earlier in the month also performed extremely well with a 64.7% Open Rate.

Below, is a closer look at the email sends, and the CTO (Click-To-Open rate), which is based on 9849 emails delivered, 3640 opened, and 748 clicked, came in at 20.5% at the time of capture.


The takeaway is this: there’s a big difference between “copywriting” and “engaging” or “activating” those who receive your copy. My goal in launching Brand Voice Runway is to help brands find their “next-figure” voice, so they can guide and grow their audience.


I’m not a fan of that phrase, but I wanted to show you what is possible when brand strategy, voice, and creative come together.

Early on the morning of June 2, 2023, we resumed this campaign, having broken for the long Memorial Day weekend, thus extending our promotion through that day.

The open rates for this send:

Hot List: 72.5%

Warm List: 75.7%

Collectively, 432 out of the 591 emails delivered in this send were opened. Clicks remained steady. The client commissioned a continued effort, since more customers were visting the site and also purchasing the low-ticket app. We paused the campaign, because meetings were booked through the next 2 weeks, but soon resumed again with fresh lists.

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