SMITHEREENS-Jan18“If we don’t get it right tonight, it will be someone else’s fault,” states world-renowned entertainer and producer Hersh Rephun, attempting to bring his elaborate musical comedy show from Berlin to LA. “Everyone knows that with comedy and world wars, the 3rd time’s the charm.”

WHEN: Saturday, January 18, 2014
WHERE: The Pig ‘N Whistle, 6714 Hollywood Blvd, LA CA
SHOWTIME: 9:30pm
COVER: $10

In spite of two chaotic prior performances, Hersh has been given a chance to set things right with one of Hollywood’s most iconic venues, the Pig ‘n Whistle. Rather than exhaust their talents and energy, Hersh and his team rested over the holidays. “You never want to work out ALL the kinks,” he explains. “A little kinky is good.” Of his previous two Hollywood performances, Hersh comments, “I apologize for the disorganization, and, especially, for losing my temper. It was 1000% my responsibility to maintain decorum – even if the soundman was confused and inadequate.”

The January 18 show will feature:

  • Emcee Greg Buckman (HaHa Comedy Cafe) (nervous about opening the show but has almost 2 weeks to practice)
  • The Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra (16 of 32 players – and 7 instruments – have ALREADY arrived!)
  • Renowned standup comic Tony Montana (and his little friend)
  • Guest Comic Jessica Michelle Singleton (Montreux Comedy Festival) (romantic entanglements pending)
  • New soundman
  • Hersh Rephun (Ice House, Comedy Store, Standup NY) (or fragments thereof)
  • NOTE: This is an intimate venue, so please arrive on time. Seats are first-come first-serve and YOU WILL WANT TO REGRET THIS SHOW FROM THE BEGINNING.

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