The truth tastes funny.

They say that Comedy = Reality + Time. Do we really have time to wait for reality to amuse us? In March 2020, the world changed so suddenly and so drastically that I was compelled to lighten the mood by any means necessary.

Through a quick scientific in-depth analysis of the situation, I determined that we all needed at least 3 doses of comedy each day to maintain our sanity.

My new pages on Facebook and Instagram are my way of delivering that medicine.

As an advertising creative director and publicist, I spend a good deal of time helping brands and artisans disseminate their messages. But I’ve also logged my 10K+ hours as a comedian and entertainer. Oh, and I have 5 kids & 28 years of experience in THAT field.

I love improv, so none of these videos are scripted per se. This is a scrappy, run-and-gun process, but it’s rooted in the characters, dialects, and circumstances around me. I also love to take requests – so if there’s a character/voice you’d like to see, hit me!

Who knows what tomorrow holds? All I know is we’ve gotta show up to find out.

I hope you enjoy the pages – and, in advance, thanks for visiting!