“Make for yourself a teacher, and acquire for yourself a friend.” This I have done, in the form of Janet Elaine Schmidt. 

She’s the Creator of “Reprogram For Success” and has been a practical yet potent Quantum Consciousness Accelerator, Integrative Holistic Healing Facilitator, and Business Coach for a decade.  If most of those descriptors make sense only when read individually, that’s where I was before I sat down with Janet to talk about mindset in a way I never had before.

Key Takeaways:

  • Janet discloses “the four techniques that I have had a 95% success rate with clients in changing any trait, belief, behavior so that your audience can utilize these techniques and have success in any area of their lives.”
  • She helps us understand why we repeat the same scenario over and over again.
  • Explains why it’s important to be in the “whole-brain state” (having the left and right cortex of the brain in agreement). 

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“Success in every area of our lives is real and obtainable.”

More about Janet:

Janet Elaine Schmidt enables individuals and business teams to identify and remove energetic blocks or ailments caused by inherited imprints held in the subconscious for generations. Janet teaches you how to recognize your program, imprint, blocks, or ailment and provides tools to discard what no longer serves you to have a healthy, prosperous, and wealthy life.

Through her combined curiosity with science and healing modalities, Janet discovered by using four techniques; one could change one’s belief system and reprogram for the success one desires in any area of one’s life. To bring a client into the “whole-brain state” of a new belief. Janet’s success rate among her clients speaks for itself.

Certifications Include Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), NLP Life Coach, Hypnotherapy, EMI (Eye Movement Integration, Advanced PSYCH-K, Advanced ThetaHealing, DNA Reengineering, and the list goes on.