What role does marketing play in a post-truth world? Can we believe in ourselves enough to sell the image to other people? Hersh consults with Lorraine Ball, Marketing Strategist, Marketing Educator, and host of the More Than A Few Words podcast, to get a handle on what’s always worked, what doesn’t work, and what authenticity really means.

Lorraine shares her stories of the glass ceiling effect, beginning as a Brooklyn girl working the phones for an oil company in West Texas: she could put on a Texas drawl, but she was still a woman, and it was a struggle to break into the C-Suite. Her goal was to be a VP, but every path was blocked. She cut her own swath, forging ahead toward success, noting that it took 30 years for that company to finally welcome women into the executive ranks.

Key Takeaways:

  • It’s not about influencers, it’s about influencing – What keeps your customer up at night? This central question will inspire your authenticity 
  • Our “glorious failures” are what clients pay us for
  • If Lorraine could shed her NY accent, so can youse!

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