“There’s a certain pact we make with the devil to enjoy life in a way that makes us feel fulfilled. So we’re not doing heinous crimes of our own volition, but we’re enabling inequity. We’re enabling climate disasters. We’re enabling, you know, take your pick, because we’ve decided that on some level we are happier.” This quote from my interview with Humans First founder – and serial entrepreneur – Rob Krecak forms the backdrop for this conversation, which is as useful in terms of practical solutions as it is provocative regarding the subject of social media overload and technology mindfulness.

Key Takeaways:

  • You don’t need to delete your apps to improve your focus; try moving an app to the back page of your apps, which will at least reduce your compulsion to check every few minutes!
  • Technology can be a tool for good, and it usually starts out that way – but consider the players and what they have to gain. Going a little further, you can also use certain apps only from your computer, and reserve your phone for what benefits YOU.
  • If studies show social media is increasing stress while also decreasing our ability to deal with it…maybe we need to prioritize our mental well-being.

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More About Rob:
Rob Krecak is a thrill-seeker, self-professed nerd, question-asker, voracious reader, competitor, keynote speaker, and business builder.

When he first got his Wall Street job as a sell-side equity analyst out of college, he thought he’d made it. After buying everything he wanted on his wishlist, he realized that he still wasn’t happy. He listened to his deep-down desire to help more people by leaving finance to eventually own three Anytime Fitness health clubs, four uBreakiFix cell phone repair stores, and a tech startup.

As someone vulnerable to technology’s addictive hold from a young age—video games and Facebook in particular—Rob is on a mission to help individuals and companies reduce stress and get back time to master their careers and lives. He founded Humans First to provide a one-of-a-kind consulting experience that analyzes people’s efficiency and energy by paying attention to their technology mindfulness.

Rob thinks there is always something to be learned from everyone, and he lets his curiosity guide conversations. In his spare time, he likes to do CrossFit, and better himself through reading, traveling, and spending time with his wife Niki.