I now have a whole other podcast, and it’s about branding (YES, BRAND, launching…tomorrow!), so while I look forward to having Rich Kozak on THAT show, too, THIS conversation is really about heart. He and I both lead with it, which is why we get along so well. Another reason is that we share a background in helping brands – personal and corporate – tell their stories. Rich is on a mission to serve those who can, in his words, “envision clearly whom they can help or what they can do to make the world a better place or make people’s lives better or add value.” It was an honor to meet Rich when a mutual friend suggested she appear on TTF, and we have a blast together each time we connect, so I hope you dig this episode!

Key Takeaways:

  • You can be brand agnostic and still believe in God.
  • The clarity with which a brand speaks shapes its impact.
  • Generous or greedy, patient or impatient, we have so many choices, and these shape our impact.

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Who is Rick Kozak?

He is rocket fuel for people who want their Brand to IMPACT others’ lives or the world. 

Rich is the sage voice of IMPACT-Driven Branding.

His next book, IMPACT-Driven Branding–The Brand YOU Will Become: How To Define It and The Steps to Achieve It,  shares the process in HOW-TO content, just like Rich shares in his Online 1-Day Intensives and 4-hour Live Workshops.

Rich, the Founder & CEO of RichBrands, has experienced 44 years Defining & Launching Brands and then Marketing them. As a Certified Global Branding Consultant with partners worldwide, Rich defined brands and their language for companies impacting 100’s of industries.

He served on the American Marketing Association International’s Board of Directors.  

He took a “radical sabbatical” from his high-intensity career to reshape his life, play tennis and violin and cook for his wife of 43 years at “The Brand Ranch”.

Rich now helps clients write books and publish them on IMPACT DRIVEN PUBLISHING, his company partnered in NYC.

Today, Rich answers for each of us a powerful question we need to be asking ourselves:  

“When Does Branding Become God’s Work?”