Sure, Jem Fuller is a TEDx Speaker/Mindset Coach, and the award-winning author of a recently published book, The Art of Conscious Communication for Thoughtful Men. He’s a partner and father, a coach, a facilitator, and a retreat leader. But that’s who he is now. To get to this place, Jem has lived a colorful, global life.  Fire-dancer. Traditional tattooist. Kindergarten teacher. Motorcycle courier, masseuse, and reflexologist. Laborer and travel consultant. 

He also dug Truth Tastes Funny enough to join me for a wide-ranging interview about the above, and more.

“Whenever I shift my perspective to a more macro level, I find it quite hilarious how seriously we take ourselves!” Jem told me. So, we have some smiles at the expense of the human condition, while finding hope in the prospect of improved communication with one another, drawing on our respective strengths to repair the world together.

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