Is Gusher the greatest startup engine ever? Is an idea enough? Dive into this high-energy, solution-packed, and laughs-rich chat with Chris Joyce, whose idea for Gusher is helping other bright minds get their products to market.

Chris asks, “Who’s the VIM (vested interest market)?” These are the people who will make up your team, become your most zealous initial customers, and help you bring your product to the world. Chris is the founder of 24 companies in high-tech, consumer goods, health, and manufacturing. His products have been sold in more than 11,000 stores in 23 countries. He has users of his tech products in 148 countries across the globe. And NOW, he sits down with Hersh on YES, BRAND, to talk about his current product.

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About Chris Joyce:

Name: Chris Joyce

Title: Founder & CEO

Brand: Gusher – Gusher is a simple, quick, and easy way to create and build a startup. 

Brand Category: Startups

Years in Business: 4

Who is your ideal customer (avatar)? People who are passionate about a problem can birth a business

My newest venture is Gusher. Having started many companies I kept running into the same issue over and over…the best ideas and entrepreneurs were not getting funded and their ideas never saw the light of day. These entrepreneurs weren’t getting funded for the most idiotic of reasons…they were not in the right city, or they didn’t have the right connections, or they didn’t attend the right school, they didn’t “look” a certain way, they were too old, they were too young, they were the wrong gender or race, they didn’t have the right experience, the right team, or or or or or…you name it and they were rejected because of it. But rarely was the true reason they were rejected because of their idea.

So I set out to change this. I believe great ideas can come from anyone anywhere. And I believe the market and not venture capitalists should be the judge of whether or not these ideas see the light of day.

So we created Gusher. Without the need for investors. Without the need for capital. How? Gusher helps Entrepreneurs create and launch startups using performance-based equity. Everything from technology, media, and health to design, finance, and gaming.

If you have a great idea and need the expertise of others to help bring it to life, Gusher can help. Go to the Gusher site and get started. We’re coming out of beta shortly and are now accepting new startups.”