I wanted to close out Season 1 of YES, BRAND with a fun chat about brands, pizza, messaging, insurance, and upscale cosmetics. So, naturally I invited Glenn Rudin of Always Been Creative to the studio.  A self-described “product guy” for much of his illustrious career (think Revlon, Sherwin-Williams and other Fortune 500 companies), Glenn knows selling and messaging up and down (he’s known as the “Message Master”). And what we’ve realized is that today, while we prefer the term ‘personal brand,’ we’re all products. 

Hopefully, you will find this episode 
amuseful (amusing and useful – it’s kinda becoming my thing ).

Always Been Creative and The Message Master

Owner – Always Been Creative, Inc.

Consumer Goods, Coaching, Consulting
Years in Business
Always Been Creative 15 years. Glenn overall 30+ years,

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Chapter Markers:
00:00 – Personally, You’re a Product & It’s a Blessing
14:00 – 2 Pros Trying Something New & Unprofessional
17:00 – Pizza, Insurance, Promises, Deliverables, Dumb Dads
28:00 – Shameless Plugs Still Exist 

Find Glenn:

Website: www.alwaysbeencreative.com
Instagram: @glenn_rudin_message_master

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