It’s amazing how much ground you can cover without an agenda! Join me and my guest, William Harris, Founder & CEO of growth agency Elumynt, as we surf across AR, VR, AI, URLs, and our species’ mission to Mars.

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Here’s a Chapter Guide for the less whimsical:

00:00 – Springing into Action
6:45 – William is a Smarty Pants
7:20 – Mission to Mars?
9:15 – Across the Metaverse
12:19 – Who Left the VR/AR/AI On?
14:45 – To Grandmother’s House We Go
20:00 – URLs & Branding in your Elumynt

Elumynt was recently featured as an Inc. 5000 winner as well as an Inc. Best Workplaces winner. William Harris has authored over 200 articles about e-commerce, advertising, and leadership on Entrepreneur, Fast Company, Shopify, TNW, Social Media Today, and many other places. When he’s not busy hyper-scaling businesses, he enjoys spending as much time as he can with his wife and daughters, playing the guitar, swimming in the Minnesota lakes, and learning more about God.

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