I’ve just returned from Toronto, where I attended (and graduated from) the Silva Method 4-Day Immersion led by Stephen Dobos, my guest on this episode of BRAND VOICE RUNWAY. This interview was recorded before we met in person, and before I took the course. What’s changed? A lot. My outlook, my insight, my friendships, and my relationship with my purpose and career. Oh, and my approach to meditation.

In Stephen’s own words:

“We teach people a scientific system to develop consistent, reliable intuition and to use that intuition to solve every challenges from getting a job to finding a partner or improving conditions at work.  The live event is a profound lasting transformational experience for may people who bathe in the aura of their new resistance-free existence. People, money, jobs, sales are drawn into their personal experience after months or even years of gridlock. The course untangles the cords binding them to gridlock and they experience flow and ease in their lives.”

In my own words, I’d add that Stephen’s presence and humor lead to an experience that is both light and fun, while being transformative and of unlimited depth.

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00:00 – The Forgotten Marketing Method

02:50 – Intuition and Interaction

07:00 – Untraining

10:30 – Silva: Bringing it All Together

13:00 – 2020 and the Shift in Business

20:00 – In-Person Group Meditation & Left-Right Brain Stuff

27:00 – Expanding the Brand

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