If all you want is a little peace and quiet, tune out now, because my guest on BRAND VOICE RUNWAY is Sean Mullens, Founder and President of Pickle Riot, which aims to be the leading apparel brand in the emerging – and noisy – world of pickleball.

I’ve known Sean for a couple decades —he’s an imaginative force who lives and breathes design, storytelling, fashion, and brand-building. With a solid foundation from the Art Center College of Design, Sean has delved into the creative realm for more than a quarter-century. His journey has left an imprint on global brands like VW, HP, ESPN, LEVI’S, and Nike. Sean’s creative pursuits don’t just stop at design. He’s also a skilled filmmaker and writer, spinning tales that pull heartstrings and ignite minds. His work has garnered prestigious awards like Cannes Gold Lions, Clios, D&AD pencils and he even earned an Emmy nomination. Notably, his creations have found a home at the Museum of Modern Art.

Beyond the creative canvas, Sean’s interests extend to the pickleball court—he swapped his tennis racket for that pursuit. And now, he’s joining me on BVR as the mastermind behind Pickle Riot, an outlaw apparel brand made for stylish rebels and mischief makers in the ever-growing world of pickleball.

From design and fashion to storytelling and entrepreneurship, Sean has always thrived on pushing boundaries and turning concepts into reality. His ambitions with Pickle Riot will likely lead him into those boundless courts once more.

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