The fact that Yasir Hashmi’s new book, Lessons from a Millionaire, is organized not into chapters but into paragraphs is indicative of the way his 20-something mind works: be focused, and get to the point! The world’s youngest venture capitalist and youngest investment banker, Yasir is full of ideas, enthusiasm, and surprises (his published works include A Brief History of Ancient and Medieval India).

He considers crossing $10M+ in valuation as a major turning point in his business, and he dedicates much of his time to sharing insights and helping others discover and fulfill their purpose.

Yasir and I sat down for a refreshing chat about a wide range of topics, from global (“sense of purpose”) to granular (“email campaigns”), and this initial mini-episode should whet your appetite for more Yasir!

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00:00 – “I’ve been selling stuff since I was 12.”

07:00 – The Biggest Challenge in Business

11:00 – Bad News Travels Fast

12:55 – “Lessons From a Millionaire”

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