When I asked Chris Felton what his business is, his answer was simple: “Stuck.” I immediately understood and appreciated his work, having been stuck many times over my several decades. And in my own work, I help business overcome “Plateau Fever” (trying to get your brand to the next level), so this was complementary territory for us.

A Financial Services entrepreneur for the last 24 years, Chris is an author and speaker who recently released his new book Think & Grow You, How to get out of your own way and level up your life

Through the book and a new online course, Chris exercises his passion for helping people get unstuck and get on the path to the life they deserve.

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01:46 – 250K in Debt, now what?

06:55 – Getting Unstuck

09:35 – Our Ego

12:30 – What’s Your GOAL? Figure This Out.

20:00 – Reaching 10 Million People

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