THANOS, Conservationist

It takes a good deal of determination and grit to bring stability to the universe. It is also a thankless task that is not so much accomplished as relentlessly pursued. Some would say it requires superhuman strength. Amazingly, Thanos fits this bill.  

Born to A’Lars of the Titans, Thanos set a fine example of unconditional love for his people and desperately sought to save them from starvation, though some lacked the sophistication to appreciate his remedies. As a result, planet Titan was devastated, leaving Thanos as the sole survivor, forced to seek meaning outside of his comfort zone. He found his calling as a gemologist of sorts, and his quest for the six “Infinity Stones” is the stuff of legend.

Beyond the brawn (he stands 6’7” and comports himself with unusual grace given his reported 985 lbs), Thanos is a surrogate father to the “Children of Thanos,” six children he adopted while visiting their respective planets of origin. Tragically, much of the population of the childrens’ planets were wiped out, and had Thanos not been present at those exact moments, his wards would no doubt have perished along with their people.

Thanos’ accomplishments reveal an appreciation for the importance of collaboration and include the Infinity Gauntlet, a glove designed to channel the power of the six Infinity Stones. He enlisted the help of the Dwarf King, Eitri, and his fellow dwarves to craft the Gauntlet, demonstrating that big or small, each of us has value and brings something important to the table. Eitri retired from craftsmanship shortly thereafter, as it was unlikely he would ever again match the standard of artisanal excellence he achieved while working with Thanos. 

Thanos continues to crusade for the preservation of natural resources. Though he can envision a peaceful conclusion to his adventures (“I finally rest and watch the sunrise on a grateful universe,” he once told his acquaintance, Dr. Stephen Vincent Strange), he has no immediate plans to retire. “The hardest choices,” he observes, “require the strongest wills.”

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