Do we really have time to waste time? Or should we fully embrace every moment? And if so, how? My chat with certified Life Coach and Spirituality Coach Simona Mango explores these questions and more. “The reason I focus on Life Purpose Mentoring is, that I understand how our alignment or misalignment with our higher purpose is what will determine the outcome of our lives. And by ‘outcome’ I mean, how we feel about every moment of every day, how we feel about getting out of bed every morning.”

Key Takeaways:

  • Human beings should be free of fear and full of joy. This is our true natural state when we navigate life #fromthesoulsperspective.
  • The ego is actually finite. Joy is infinite.
  • Our “voice” may be the path to our soul – how we sing, cry out for help, and – hopefully – claim our destinies.

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