On the latest episode of Truth Tastes Funny, we dive into a conversation filled with laughter and profound insights with Vincent Infante, a former FDNY firefighter turned transformational coach. Drawing from his extensive experience in the fire department and over a decade of helping individuals effect lasting change, Vin shares his unique approach to resilience and personal transformation.

At the heart of our discussion is the concept of moving out of the survival state—a state where judgment and rational thinking are compromised—towards a mindset of empowerment and growth. Vin emphasizes that real change begins with breaking free from this survival mode, allowing individuals to tap into their full potential and create meaningful transformation in their lives.

Central to Vin’s methodology is the notion of radical self-acceptance and ownership of one’s identity. By embracing who we are and taking ownership of our choices, we pave the way for a profound shift from our past selves to the individuals we aspire to become. This journey of self-discovery and acceptance forms the bedrock of personal growth and fulfillment.

Moreover, Vin highlights the importance of shifting our mindset from one of perceived scarcity to one of resourcefulness. By focusing on abundance and creative problem-solving, individuals can unlock new possibilities and alternative outcomes. This shift enables proactive living, where individuals actively seek solutions and opportunities rather than merely reacting to external circumstances.

In essence, Vin’s transformative approach encourages individuals to embrace resilience, self-acceptance, and resourcefulness as pillars for living a life of purpose, alignment, and fulfillment. Through laughter and profound insights, he empowers high performers and leadership teams to break through mindset barriers and unlock their true potential.




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