In this captivating episode, Hersh Rephun engages in a profound conversation with Akasia, an international Akashic Records and LOVE Mentor, as they explore her transformative journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening.

Central to their discussion is the concept of the Akashic Records, described as an energetic library containing the collective wisdom and experiences of every soul. Akasia illuminates how accessing these records can offer profound insights, guidance, and clarity for personal growth, allowing individuals to uncover their true purpose and align with their authentic selves.

Akasia shares her own spiritual adventure, from her transformative experience in Cancun to her return to Los Angeles and her current life in Boulder. Through her journey, she emphasizes the importance of embracing spirituality and following the guidance of the heart, even if it leads to unexpected paths and new ways of living.

Their conversation also delves into the intersection of business and spirituality, highlighting the global shift in consciousness towards a more holistic and heart-centered approach to life and work. Akasia emphasizes the importance of exploring the depths of one’s heart and intuition to overcome limitations imposed by societal conditioning and personal beliefs, leading to a life that is more aligned, fulfilling, and in harmony with one’s true essence.

Overall, Hersh and Akasia’s dialogue serves as an inspiring reminder of the power of healing, self-discovery, and spiritual exploration in navigating life’s journey and unlocking the limitless potential within each of us. Through embracing spirituality and listening to the wisdom of the heart, individuals can embark on a transformative path towards greater authenticity, joy, and fulfillment.,

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