In this captivating episode, Hersh Rephun invites listeners to join him in exploring the remarkable journey of Heather Joy Bassett, a seasoned professional, sports champion, and advocate for co-creating powerful relationships as the foundation of success.

Heather’s experiences span the globe, from partnering and investing with founders and CEOs across different continents to her insights into human design and the profound impact it can have on self-leadership and relationships.

Their conversation delves into the contrasting experiences of COVID-19 lockdowns in Melbourne and the United States, reflecting on the fear and division it has caused while also highlighting the resilience and adaptability of individuals and communities.

Heather shares her expertise in connecting with others, reading situations deeply, and being strategically present without the need for rigid planning. Through her extemporaneous speaking and co-facilitating endeavors, she emphasizes the importance of adding new perspectives to optimize performance and outcomes.

As a World Champion in Lacrosse and with over 40 years of experience as a Podiatrist and team builder, Heather brings a wealth of embodied wisdom on high performance and peak flow states. Her insights into what it takes to achieve success in both sports and business offer invaluable lessons for listeners striving to excel in their own endeavors.

In summary, Heather Joy Bassett’s multifaceted journey and expertise serve as a source of inspiration for listeners seeking to navigate challenges, cultivate meaningful relationships, and achieve peak performance in their personal and professional lives. Through her insights and experiences, Heather encourages us all to embrace new perspectives and strive for excellence in everything we do.

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