Join Hersh Rephun as he chats with Vicki Paris Goodman, author and widow, who shares her transformative journey of inspired grief following the loss of her husband, Sam, to cancer in 2019. In this heartfelt episode, Vicki delves into how this life-changing event unexpectedly opened up a world of possibilities, filling her with gratitude and optimism. Motivated by sheer inspiration, she penned her book, “To Sam, With Love: A Surviving Spouse’s Story of Inspired Grief,” with the hope that others might benefit from her experience.

Key Points:

  1. Inspired Grief Journey: Vicki Paris Goodman shares her story of navigating profound grief with unexpected optimism and a sense of guidance, embracing new possibilities after losing her husband.
  2. Signs and Symbols: Vicki discusses her experiences with signs and symbols, such as a vivid neon yellow-green apparition and a plastic sunflower, which reinforced her belief in an afterlife and a continued connection with Sam.
  3. Cultural Perceptions of Death: Advocating for a shift in cultural perceptions of death and loss, Vicki emphasizes the importance of openness to guidance, embracing new opportunities, and balancing activity with alone time to find fulfillment after loss.
  4. Professional Background: Vicki’s diverse career as a mechanical engineer, real estate appraiser, and theater critic adds depth to her perspective on grief and healing. She also sings, plays the violin semi-professionally, and is now working on her second book, “Speed Bumps: And Other Impediments to Life in the Fast Lane.”
  5. Personal and Professional Life: Originally from Los Angeles, Vicki grew up near the hub of the Hollywood entertainment industry. After marrying Sam in 1997, they lived in Long Beach before moving to Prescott, Arizona, in 2016 upon retirement.

Vicki’s story is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the unexpected ways in which life can unfold, even in the face of profound loss. Tune in to this episode for an inspiring conversation on grief, healing, and finding new paths to gratitude and optimism.

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