I’ve long maintained that a**holes are decent people minus a sense of humor. And I want to preface this episode by making sure that my audience knows I welcome as guests those with differing opinions and positions across humanhood and the political spectrum – as long as you bring your ability to laugh at life and its mysteries. My guest on this episode is Jeremy Sherman, PhD., who shares my core belief that humor is the saving grace of humanity. He’s authored 1000 articles, with 10 million readers, for Psychology Today, and his latest book is called What’s Up With Assholes? How To Spot And Stop Them Without Becoming One

Our chat is a marvelous romp through the amusing yet imposing garden of assholia, where egos run amuck. The good news? There’s nothing here that some earnest psychoproctology can’t resolve. And by resolve, I don’t mean cure. True a**holism is incurable. By “resolve,” I mean “to firmly determine.” 

In this episode, we firmly determine what a**holes are, how they present, why they persist – and how indeed we might someday stop them.   

Key Takeaways:

  • A**holes are the biggest threat faced by humanity, representing a more immediate existential danger than climate change or nuclear arms.
  • Call out an a**hole as soon as possible – they are like vampires, burned by the light 
  • Yes, a**holes can be shamed; they will not feel remorse, but they are vulnerable to embarrassment!

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More About Jeremy

Jeremy Sherman, PhD, is a cradle-to-grave science researcher and writer studying the unbroken chain from the origins of life from chemistry to humankind’s grave situation today. He’s the author of the Columbia University Press book Neither Ghost Nor Machine: The emergence and nature of selves. For 25 years, he has been a close research collaborator with Harvard/Berkeley neuroscientist Terrence Deacon.

Sherman’s all about making advanced ideas intuitive, practical, and funny, because from a natural science perspective….the human condition is pretty ironic.

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