You wanna talk on the radio? Cough buttons? Sex, Drugs, & Rock N Roll? Look no further than Ralph Sutton, a seasoned podcast and pop culture commentator with two decades of experience on the mic as a TV and radio host. Currently, he leads the hit comedy podcast The SDR Show, and in 2016 founded the GaS Digital Network, which reaches 5 million listeners a month across 22 shows. He often speaks on how to start a business like his and was also featured in Entrepreneur on the topic.  

I had a great time with Ralph, and as you’ll hear, we’re both doing our best to survive and thrive in this f’d up world.

Key Takeaways for Wannabe Hosts:

  • Play to your strengths.
  • Listen to your own episodes.
  • When invited to an opportunity…SHOW UP!

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More About Ralph Sutton

Starting as a radio DJ, Ralph Sutton left terrestrial for the podcast world with the creation of The SDR Show (with Big Jay Oakerson), a weekly podcast that talks SEX, DRUGS, & ROCK N ROLL, and has featured high-profile guests like Ray Romano, Pete Davidson, Alice Cooper, and Mark Cuban.  He built his own studio by hand in downtown NYC and the network slowly grew. Prior, he created his own nationally syndicated rock show, The Tour Bus, which ran for 15 years on 75+ stations across the country. He was a host for VH1-Classic and for rock events across the country including The Sturgis Rally and Shiprocked. Sutton has also written for various websites and magazines, including Metal Edge and Social Underground. He launched The SDR Show five years ago from his East Village apartment. Today it is widely available and ranks as one of iTunes’ top comedy podcasts, hitting the #1 spot multiple times.

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