I should start by telling you that Jules Polonetsky is an optimist. Second, in the area of privacy and consumer protection, Jules is the man. He knows as much about privacy as Facebook knows about you. Jules serves as CEO of the Future of Privacy Forum, a Washington, D.C.-based non-profit organization that serves as a catalyst for privacy leadership and scholarship, advancing principled data practices in support of emerging technologies. FPF is supported by the chief privacy officers of more than 200 leading companies, and several foundations, as well as by an advisory board composed of the country’s leading academics and advocates. FPF’s current projects focus on AI and Ethics, Connected Cars, Health, Research Data, Smart Communities, Ad Tech, Youth, Ed Tech, Privacy Legislation, and Enforcement, and Global Data Flows.  We’ve known each other for nearly 40 years, and while our mutual admiration is the foundation of this conversation, our objective is to help you thrive in today’s crazy world.

Key Takeaways:

  • If an app is “free,” you’re the product.
  • If we act based on democratic and social values, AND we are honest about our point of view, things might improve dramatically. 
  • Anytime you question your self-worth, just think about the multi-million-dollar high-speed auction going on for your data. 

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More About Jules:

Jules also serves as Chairman of the International Digital Accountability Council and as Co-Chairman of the Israel Tech Policy Institute. Jules is co-editor of The Cambridge Handbook of Consumer Privacy, published by Cambridge University Press (2018). More of his writing and research can be found at www.fpf.org and on Google Scholar and SSRN.

Jules’s previous roles have included serving as Chief Privacy Officer at AOL and at DoubleClick, as Consumer Affairs Commissioner for New York City, as an elected New York State Legislator and as a congressional staffer, and as an attorney.

Jules has served on the boards of a number of privacy and consumer protection organizations including TRUSTe, the International Association of Privacy Professionals, and the Network Advertising Initiative. From 2011-2012, Jules served on the Department of Homeland Security Data Privacy and Integrity Advisory Committee. Jules is a member of The George Washington University Law School Privacy and Security Advisory Council. He also currently sits on the Advisory Boards of Open DP | Harvard University Privacy Tools Project and the California Privacy Lab (University of California).
Jules is a regular speaker at privacy and technology events and has testified or presented before Congressional committees and the Federal Trade Commission.

As AOL’s former Chief Privacy Officer and SVP for Consumer Advocacy, Jules was responsible for ensuring that AOL’s users could trust the company with their information and for educating employees about best practices for advertising, content, and product development

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