When your dad manages bands like Rage Against the Machine and Quiet Riot, there’s a good chance you’ll end up in the music biz – and an even greater chance you will do so LOUDLY. While Jessica Entner did both of those things, it took some perseverance for her to be heard. As an Executive Creative Music Producer/Supervisor, Jess helped companies succeed and artists break out, but in the shifting ground of the pandemic, decided it was time to build her own brand. She founded J.E.M Music Strategy and Production in 2021, a full-service music agency specializing in branded entertainment and advertising. We’ve been friends and colleagues for a long time, and it was enlightening – and FUN! – to catch up and to rap about the toll – and silver linings – of the past few years.

Note: I am currently collaborating with Jess and composer Daniel Teo of J.E.M on the theme song for my new YES, BRAND podcast, debuting December 1!

Key Takeaways:

  • As we stumble through what often feels like the modern Dark Ages, we sometimes stumble into the light.
  • If you have kids but still feel like a kid, you’re not alone.
  • If you haven’t been on a game show yet, you should try it! 

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More About Jess:

A former singer/songwriter signed to Warner Chappell, Jessica has worked in all facets of the music industry during her 20+year career. Growing up in LA, her formative years were spent going to shows on the Sunset Strip. Her father, Warren Entner, was a top manager for rock bands, including Rage Against The Machine, Faith NO More, Deftones, Quiet Riot…etc., her education in the music industry was hands-on from day one. 

As a female entrepreneur, a mom, and an ADHD advocate, Jessica has navigated her success from entry-level to business owner, while also trying to understand how her neuro-divergence can be a superpower. Her strong belief in equity in the music industry, especially for women and people of color, is a core value and company mission. 

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