When I sat down with Vickie Helm – an acclaimed bestselling author of over 40 books – I had not even begin to write my first tome. I am probably not even qualified to use the word “tome.” But the funny thing is that Vickie is known primarily as a business and asset development strategist, who happens to put her wisdom, experience, and insight into books. Lots of ’em. In this episode, Vickie fills us in on her inspirations, life lessons, and role models, some of whom are not what you’d expect! 

Our conversation is about life, and what it takes to achieve greater success, deeper relationships, or simply reach your highest potential. Vickie assists in this mission by helping you tap into your own inner genius, so you can have a life of passion, purpose, and prosperity. 

As a keynote speaker, Vickie shares her own business experience starting her first one at only 10 years old when she became an “accidental entrepreneur” for life. Currently, Vickie is the CEO of Smart Group Firm, and SmartWealthNews.com; and Co-CEO of Metadigm Digital LLC. She and her partners share the secrets to growing a successful business and creating more wealth. Vickie is a sought after consultant for people who want to grow more assets and take command of their financial freedom.

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