If you haven’t heard of Mike Lander, this is the best way to meet him: relaxed, having a few laughs, and dropping wisdom nuggets about the art of negotiation. He’s a master at it, that’s his brand at first glance. But there’s so much more to Mike, as you’ll see when we discover the similarities between high-stakes dealmaking and improvisational comedy.

Mike Lander is a successful entrepreneur, ex-procurement director, and expert negotiator (according to his clients) with a proven track record of buying, growing and selling businesses. He’s raised over £6.5m of acquisition/growth capital in his career and grown companies to over £20m revenue and £4m EBITDA – he’s also negotiated 100s of deals as a buyer worth over £450m in total. With nearly half a billion pounds in deals, Mike holds a number of titles, but I just think of him as “my friend mike!”

Mike has a uniquely valuable perspective on negotiating commercial deals, having worked on both sides of the table as a Procurement Director and an entrepreneur. In one of his roles, Mike worked as a Procurement Director for what is now one of the world’s largest recruitment outsourcing organizations worth in excess of $1bn.

Mike works predominantly with agency sales teams to help them negotiate more profitable deals, especially when procurement gets involved.

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