His long-running podcast is aptly named Peace Love and Bring a Bat. His Brooklyn accent gives each of his heartfelt words a bit more resonance. And as a Speaker, Mentor, Author, and Philanthropist (via the org Goons For Good), Dave Chametzky is committed to telling it like it is, while raising you up from wherever it is you’re at.

Our chat was a rare-these-days in-person sit-down, the culmination of several days spent together with a convocation of genuinely caring humans, so I was able to get to know Dave a little bit before rolling tape. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of the entire experience. 

I hope you’ll get a lift, and maybe even nudge you to get some soaring going…  

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More About Dave: 

Dave is the Producer of the Coaching program and Mentoring Curriculum which is designed to assist individuals to find Time to Soar on their path, discover Resources for Empowering Personal Growth, and embrace resilience programs. David is also the Media Host of the internationally ranked PODCAST “Peace Love and Bring A Bat.” With over 30 years in Corporate America, David has always followed his passions, and in 2022, David was one of the finalists for the Reed Smith Award for the 2022 Institute for Mental Wellness in Legal. His PODCASTS and PROGRAMS enable people who are ready for higher levels of living and succeeding to Soar or be ON THE PATH. David just published a book “When Your Heart Says It’s Your Time to Soar.” Dedicated to philanthropic purposes, David co-founded the organization Goons For Good, serving people who are in need of hope and resources.