This episode of YES, BRAND is a smooth blend pairing one of the most broadly experienced executives in the spirits and wine business with a leading commercial filmmaker whose clients include DaVinci Wines, Maker’s Mark, Honda, and Volvo. Together, Co-CEOs and Co-Founders Martin Pazzani and Kerry Shaw Brown are about to unleash Unbound Spirits on unsuspecting novices and bourbon connoisseurs in the know. And I am right there with them to talk passions, legacies, brand narratives (of course), and whether Kerry’s gone overboard with the casking.

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What I hope you’ll glean from this episode: 

  • Insights from uber-experienced creative entrepreneurs
  • The sense that if you balance your dreams on a fulcrum, many will come true
  • When it comes to advertising vs PR, there’s a time and a place for each. The key is knowing when to push which button. 

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More About Martin and Kerry

Martin Pazzani
‘s career began at Heublein (now Diageo) in 1979 and ranges from the world’s largest brands to craft distilleries to tiny startups. Over a 14-year tenure, he managed and led the world’s largest spirits brand (Smirnoff Vodka); the world’s largest tequila brand (Jose Cuervo); a stellar portfolio of whisky brands; the world’s largest portfolio of RTD cocktails; a massive portfolio of wine brands; and many others. At the advent of the craft distilling movement, he created United Craft Distillers, then Master Distillers LLC to create a portfolio of promising hand-crafted brands that could scale beyond their humble beginnings. This powered T1 Tequila Uno to the #1 craft tequila brand, and led to the creation of the legendary tequila, Tears of Llorona, (Infinium).  Stints on Madison Avenue, in fitness, music, and global management consulting, adds a range of expertise that few possess.

Kerry Shaw Brown is a Director who works with a wide range of companies, clients, and brands. He has directed promos for Fox’s The Following with Kevin Bacon, the Fox series ‘Gotham’, NBC’s Today Show, the GN America series ‘Underground’, and branded content for Verizon, Acura, Volvo, and more. His client-direct “The End or The Beginning,” for 2012 Black Ale received accolades in over 400 media outlets including The A.V. Club, HuffingtonPost, winning many advertising awards. Recent projects include Honda,, Verizon, HP,  Maker’sMark, Castle&Key, Pola.