Listen up, spiritual thought leaders, visionaries, and entrepreneurs with online courses and content: Sara Yamtich has spent a decade introducing you to a growing audience of believers as CEO and Founder of a digital marketing agency, Conscious Conversion.  And today on YES, BRAND, we talk through some of the challenges associated with pitching a new paradigm and getting the attention of “they” (you’ll have to listen to find out more).

If you think marketing soft goods is tough, try getting into the nooks and crannies of people’s hearts and minds to nurture “an internal shift toward a more regenerative way of living on the planet, a more compassionate way of living on the planet.”

Sara notes that at the same time, it takes “a deep hero’s journey” just to be an entrepreneur, and I’m confident many of our listeners will agree. 

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What I hope you’ll glean from this episode:

  • The person you’re serving in a campaign is the customer, not the gatekeeper.
  • Marketers don’t create or court controversy for its own sake; we put forth a product, and every product has a point of view.
  • If “they” won’t reveal themselves, we have a right to make fun of them. 

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More About Sara

Sara Yamtich is the founder and CEO of Conscious Conversion, a holistic multi-media marketing agency supporting thought leaders and spiritual entrepreneurs. With a Master’s in Social Work, a background that spans federal policy analysis and life coaching, and a ton of digital marketing experience, Sara takes professionalism, team management, and client care to a whole new level. Her work isn’t just about marketing strategy (though she rocks at that); it’s about helping clients resonate deeply with their audience so they can transform the planet and give voice to the new paradigm. In fact, Sara makes marketing (and everything else she does) a damn-near spiritual experience.

Sara, a single mom, lives in Costa Rica with her 7-year-old son, Indy.