Meet The Good Eggs, protagonists of an eponymous book series created by my guest, Sandy Ciaramitaro, to impart life lessons about virtues, diversity, and service. And today on YES, BRAND, we dive into the experiences of the characters in an effort to unearth some potential marketing strategies so Sandy can retire from teaching and focus on writing children’s books, and presiding over The Good Eggs Foundation! 

Guest: Sandy Ciaramitaro, Author of “The Good Eggs Series” (2013) and Founder and President of The Good Eggs Foundation (2019)

Brand Category: Children’s Books

Years in Business: 10

Ideal customers: children (and their parents) ages 5 – 12 years.

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About Sandy

Sandy Ciaramitaro holds a Master of Arts degree from the University of Detroit Mercy and has taught morality, ethics, and social justice courses at a private high school in Michigan. In addition to her teaching career, she has taught, developed, and implemented programs and curricula that are focused on helping children realize the importance of living altruistic lives centered on love. The Good Eggs series is her contribution to supporting children as they learn about virtues, diversity, and service – essential concepts to integrate into their lives as they grow into Good Eggs!

Sandy is also the Founder and President of The Good Eggs Foundation, which is dedicated to helping children in need. The Foundation’s outreach can take many forms, including monetary assistance, educational resources, and basic needs. Part of the net proceeds from book purchases goes directly to the Foundation. Improving the quality of life at a local, state, national, and even global level is key to helping others grow and succeed!