His company is called Spear and Clover, and on this episode of YES, BRAND, Jason Skeesick and I have a conversation. It’s really that simple. It’s only the second time we’ve spoken, which is important because I imagine this is how he operates as “a father, husband, fighter, and carrier of heavy things,” to use his description of himself.

It’s also how I operate, as a host, and as a “message therapist” – the discourse depends on you, and that adaptability is to my benefit in more ways than I can enumerate. 

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What I hope you’ll glean from this episode is:

  • “How do I build a tribe?” may be a better starting point than, “What do I want to sell?”
  • Your tribe may not be in one place, any more than your clients or customers are in place…but they may share a state of mind.
  •  We have the answers. We just have to be willing to address the questions. 

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More About Jason

Jason Skeesick is a US Army veteran, coach, and an entrepreneurial evangelist. His company Spear and Clover helps businesses with good leaders, talented teams, and strong playbooks go from perennial contenders to championship dynasties. You can find Jason hosting the weekly Spear and Clover Podcast available on Youtube and across all audio platforms.