We’re living longer, and retiring later (if at all), but that doesn’t mean we’re not evolving! More likely, we’re figuring out what to do NEXT. Stephanie Hayes, host of the Real People, Real Business podcast, is the founder of the Entrepreneurial Offramp – a pathway for established business owners to move from revenue to wealth and to plan an eventual exit from their business. Most business owners think an exit is only for Silicon-Valley startups, or venture-funded product companies, but in reality, they’ve actually created value already, and with a few tweaks, they can start leveraging that value and multiply it over time. Stephanie has a Masters degree in Business Administration with a focus on Management of Technology, a BA in Communication, an Internet Marketing Diploma from 1998, and is a Certified Management Consultant, with additional certifications in change management, business agility, and technology operating models. 

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Chapter Markers:

00:00 – Talk Through Your Plans

03:51 – Fantastic Finale

6:13 – Almost Like Therapy

8:58 – Mining Your Assets

15:00 – Who Are We (as People & Business Owners)?

17:14 – The 100th Episode!

21:54 – Creating Critical Mass

Stephanie has started up multiple businesses and is a partner in a software product company serving the K-12 education market. She believes strongly in supporting entrepreneurship and has been an entrepreneur mentor in various startup accelerators and university programs. 

Stephanie lives in Squamish, British Columbia with her two teenagers, a crazy dog, and an overprotective cat. She enjoys mountain biking, kiteboarding, hiking, and thrifting and hopes to one day travel the world in a van

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