Rodney Waits has good instincts. A lot of us do. The thing is, we don’t always trust them. When Rodney realized, “I’ve got to build myself before I actually can go empower other people,” he decided to create the IMPACT>INFLUENCE podcast, dedicated to building up and not burning out. “As an entrepreneur, I burn out,” he concedes. “I’ve had about nine different businesses thus far. Owned two coffee shops, built a real estate brand, both in investing and in buying and selling, and still do that to this day. But the way that I actually got successful with those career endeavors is not because of what I was doing. It was because of the people that I was doing it for. So build on the strengths that you have and help other people find their strengths.”

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Chapter Markers:

00:00 – Impact is Greater than Influence

06:30 – Empowered by Your Own Gifts

13:00 – Lighten the Mood – Kreischer, Carlin, Hicks, and More

17:00 – This Energy

18:00 – The Best 2-3 Minutes Yet


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