Boldly taking brands where they desperately wanna go.



Comedy is a great ice-breaker. On this podcast, standup comedian and brand storyteller Hersh Rephun takes on brand building challenges with business owners, CEOs, and CMOs, who share their experiences, victories, and defeats on the road to connecting with their target audience. They also engage in improv games and “mEssage therapy” while experimenting with comedy-driven advertising concepts.

Hersh developed his YES, BRAND Method based on the ‘Yes, And’ rule of improvisational comedy: “I embrace your offer, then use humor and humanity to bring it to the people. Success, however, is inextricably linked to ‘selling the truth,’ says Hersh.  “Your truth is your essence. To be memorable, you wanna be clever – but you have to get real to be funny.”


Each 30-minute episode is broken down into the following segments:

  1. Intro: Hersh tees up his Guest, who will introduce the Brand.

  2. Meet the Brand: The Guest introduces their brand & product, sharing something about the company that most people don’t know. Hersh plays off that angle (“Yes, and…”) to demonstrate how nothing is easier than “selling the truth.”

  3. “Fortunately/Unfortunately”: Hersh engages his Guest in a brief improv game to identify what’s working – and what has yet to be accomplished – in terms of brand messaging (a chance for the Guest to lay out challenges and objectives). Guests may also challenge Hersh to a “Roast Battle,” as an exercise in not taking yourself too seriously!

  4. MESSAGE Therapy: This open and honest dialogue is at the heart of the program: a brand leader sharing their vision and challenges with Hersh, and by extension, with their consumer.

  5. Campaign: Having taken all this in, Hersh pitches campaign ideas to the guest – the platforms might be anything from digital to broadcast, experiential, even branded entertainment…the common denominators are humor and humanity, and that the Guest must take a swing at building on an idea (“Yes, and…”), no matter how outrageous it may be.

    This is the organic ideating Hersh does with colleagues and clients every day. Here, it’s just a fun exercise, but the ideas are a thank-you to the Guest and the brand is welcome to develop them if they wish!