Stay-at-home Mom Amanda Wittenborn Built a 7-figure Business While her Babies were Napping. That was the original title for this episode, and it’s true. Amanda has a really interesting and relatable story, especially for moms just starting out who want to make a little extra income for their families. It’s inspiring to see someone who did it, who is just a “regular mom” because it shows them they can do it, too.  

In sitting down with her for this conversation, however, what struck me was her creativity. Naturally, her designs are at the heart of Amanda Creation, a female-owned 7 figure e-commerce business (too rare in itself). But it’s the way she uses her imagination to navigate challenges and grow her company that truly conveys Amanda’s personal brand.

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01:55 – The Creation of Amanda Creation

09:00 – A High End Strategy

12:00 – We Were Broke

15:00 – The Time was Finally Right for My Husband to Quit his Job & Join the Company!

16:00 – COVID-proof biz model…NOT!

17:28 – The Idea that Saved the Company and Served 1M Teachers/Students

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