In this compelling episode, Hersh Rephun engages with Constantin Bo Morun, a specialist in Time Creation & Peak Performance and a Certified NeuroEncoding Specialist. Constantin’s journey from communist Romania to a fulfilling career in North America’s tech industry, including a significant role at Microsoft, showcases his relentless drive for self-improvement, his dedication to helping others, and his willingness to share his wealth of knowledge.

With a profound passion for psychology and neuroscience, complemented by a strong foundation in mathematics and technology, Constantin has crafted unique strategies for personal and professional growth. Over the past three decades, he has leveraged his deep understanding of human psychology and neuroscience to coach and mentor individuals across various domains, helping high achievers transform their lives.

Constantin’s innovative approach to managing time and stress is rooted in his extensive experience and continuous learning. As an entrepreneur and lifelong learner, he constantly seeks new ways to inspire and empower others. His programs offer a revolutionary method for managing time and stress, empowering high achievers to achieve more, stress less, and create time for what truly matters—without sacrificing their success, relationships, or health.

Through scientifically backed methods and practical strategies tested in his own life and with numerous clients, Constantin guides individuals from overwhelming busyness to a life of purpose, productivity, and peace. His expertise is also shared through his ‘Unleash Thyself’ podcast, where he inspires and empowers listeners on their personal and professional journeys by sharing stories, strategies, and insights that motivate change and drive success.

This episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to optimize their performance, manage their time more effectively, and reduce stress,all while maintaining a balanced and fulfilling life.

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