In this enlightening episode, Hersh Rephun sits down with Meghan Bonde, a pioneering advocate for leveraging neurodivergent talent in the workplace. Meghan’s focus on creating inclusive training and onboarding processes “for all kinds of minds” makes her an invaluable resource for team leaders aiming to accelerate success and navigate challenges by attracting untapped neurodivergent talent.

Meghan’s approach is centered on designing job-embedded professional learning opportunities that cater to the diverse needs of a team, thereby optimizing performance. Through her innovative “grow interviews,” Meghan identifies systemic barriers rather than attributing challenges to personal deficits. This methodology fosters creative problem-solving, enhances inclusivity, and drives systemic improvement.

Her impressive academic background includes a Master’s in Speech Language and Hearing Sciences from the University of Colorado at Boulder, and a Bachelor’s in Psychology with a minor in Spanish from the College of Saint Benedict in Minnesota. Meghan is also a bilingual Speech Language Pathologist, specializing in Autism, ADHD, social communication, executive function, assistive technology, and learning differences. She holds an Educational Specialist degree (Ed.S) in educational leadership from the University of Northern Colorado, along with a Principal license.

In their conversation, Hersh and Meghan delve into the specifics of her “grow interviews,” discussing how this process uncovers underlying needs and facilitates a more inclusive work environment. Meghan shares insights from her diverse experiences, including her time studying abroad in Viña del Mar, Chile, where she immersed herself in the local culture and language.

Meghan’s expertise in educational leadership and her commitment to inclusivity shine through as she offers practical advice for team leaders looking to harness the potential of neurodivergent individuals. Her work exemplifies how thoughtful, inclusive practices can transform team dynamics and drive success.

In summary, this episode is a must-listen for any team leader dedicated to fostering a more inclusive workplace. Meghan Bonde’s innovative strategies and deep understanding of neurodivergent needs provide valuable insights into how to effectively support and leverage the unique talents of all team members.

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