Join Hersh Rephun as he chats with Lisa Hammett, a Wellness Coach who has transformed her life from the depths of corporate burnout to a beacon of health and wellness. In this episode, Lisa shares her powerful journey, including how she lost 65 pounds and now helps leaders manage stress, prevent burnout, and achieve their health and wellness goals through Positive Intelligence mental fitness.

After experiencing the toll of corporate burnout firsthand, Lisa made a significant life change and has since dedicated herself to helping others do the same. As a Wellness Coach for one of the largest global weight loss companies, she has guided thousands of members toward their health and wellness objectives. In May 2020, Lisa expanded her impact by launching a Success Coaching practice. Her focus is on helping leaders manage stress, prevent burnout, and improve their overall health using Positive Intelligence mental fitness.

Lisa offers both one-on-one and group coaching sessions, providing personalized support and strategies to help individuals live their happiest, healthiest, and most successful lives. Her approach combines practical health advice with mental fitness techniques, ensuring a holistic path to well-being.

Lisa Hammett is also an inspiring TEDx and transformational speaker. Popular speaking topics include:

  • Preventing Burnout Before it Happens With Mental Fitness
  • The Truth About Work/Life Balance: What Really Works
  • How to Accelerate Your Success and Achieve Any Goal Faster

Her book, From Burnout to Best Life, reached best-seller status in 16 categories globally.

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