Is ADHD on the rise? Has it become easier to diagnose, in adults and children alike?  Join me for a fascinating discussion with Avigail Gimpel, an author, coach, and educator whose new book, HyperHealing, Show me the Science: Making Sense of Your Child’s ADHD Diagnosis (a follow-up to her first book, “HyperHealing”) is based on many years of research and practice both as a mother of a good number of kids diagnosed with ADHD, as well as a classroom teacher of children struggling with ADHD symptoms. As we emerged from isolation, many people I know were mentioning ADHD, either diagnosed in their children or themselves and speaking with this immensely qualified guest was illuminating!

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About Avigail:

Avigail Gimpel was born in 1974, the 3rd of eight children. 

She got her first teaching job in 1996, in a school for immigrant children in queens New York. 

That same year she ran a Sunday school for Jewish public school children.

She Got her BA from Touro College and completed her graduate studies at Touro college graduate school for Special Education in Manhattan, New York.

She married Daniel Gimpel in 1998 while teaching in an all-boys orthodox elementary school. In this school, she developed an intervention program for students struggling with ADHD symptoms. 

She and Daniel moved to Israel soon after their marriage. Avigail continued her education there, earning advanced degrees in teaching reading to children with Dyslexia and cognitive education for children with ADHD symptoms. 

In 2003, she and her husband, with three small children moved to Moscow, Russia. There she taught in three different schools and headed up the English department in one of the schools. 

Upon their return to Israel, she immersed herself in studying and developing treatment options for ADHD for her own six kids and many struggling students. She collaborated with her father-in-law, Dr. Amnon Gimpel (psychiatrist and neurologist), and developed a parent training program. She moved on to develop a teacher’s training program. Avigail teaches at Hertzog college as well as lectures in Israeli schools and to parent groups all over Israel. She works in private practice, training parents to become ADHD coaches to their children, and spouses to learn a new love language to communicate with respect.